"You'll appreciate the difference!"
      "You'll appreciate the difference!"

Seller Resources

Issues that may affect your closing:

Power of Attorney:


If you are signing with the use of a Power of Attorney for a Seller, we will need to review the Power of Attorney prior to closing. 

You Are Out of Town for Closing:    


If you are a Seller and will be out of town for closing, please let us know. We can coordinate getting you documents via an overnight delivery or by emailing you documents. You will still be required to return the signed and notarized originals, but we will make every attempt to make the process easy and smooth. If you are emailed closing documents, please be sure that all email enclosures are printed on single sided copies. 

Closing Times:    


As a rule of thumb, if a closing is scheduled at 9am, the buyer will typically begin their portion of closing first. If the Buyer is getting a loan to complete the sale, their portion of closing usually takes approximately 30 minutes to sign all of their documents. As a result, your portion of the closing would usually then begin at 9:30. You are certainly welcome to arrive at the same time as the buyer, but out of respect for your time, we want you to be aware what to expect. 


Mortgage Payoffs:    


If you have a Mortgage loan, we will need to obtain a written Payoff Statement from your Lender. In order for this to happen, we will need to obtain your written consent  for your Lender to release the information. Please select "Here" to download the Authorization Form to release information. The completed form may be faxed to 618-233-0143 or emailed to us at closingdept@tctitle.tv