"You'll appreciate the difference!"
      "You'll appreciate the difference!"

Buyer Resources

We now accept earnest money electronically via TrustFunds.  Ask your real estate agent for more details.


Issues that may affect your closing:

Power of Attorney:    


If you are signing using a Power of Attorney for a Buyer, we will need to review the Power of Attorney prior to closing. It is also very important that your Lender is informed that you plan to sign using a Power of Attorney. The Lender must approve the Power of Attorney for use in advance of closing. 


You Are Out of Town for Closing:    


If you are a Buyer and do not plan to attend closing, please let us know. We do not expect that all Buyers are able to travel to complete their closing. We can coordinate getting you documents via an overnight delivery or by emailing you documents. You will still be required to return signed and notarized originals, but we will make every attempt to make the process easy and smooth. If closing documents are sent via email, please be sure that when printing any email enclosure, print on single sided copies only.  If you are a Buyer paying cash we have the ability to DocuSign your closing documents for electronic signature.  

If your Sale Contract does not specify tenancy, you will need to provide us with this information approximately 7 days prior to closing. Selecting the proper tenancy is very important and can have a significant impact to your ownership in the future. Should you have any questions, we urge you to seek legal cousel. 


Homestead Exemption:    


If the property you are buying will be your primary residence, you are entitled to a tax exemption on your county real estate tax bill. This is commonly referred to as the Homestead Exemption pursuant to Illinois Senate Bill 1790. This provides a deduction to your current assessed value, thus saving you money. We suggest that you contact your County Assessor's Office approximately 30 days after closing. Let them know that you just purchased the property and if you have been given the exemption. If you are told that you have not been given the exeption, then you will need to complete a very basic form for the Assessor's Office and provide them with a copy of your State Drivers License or State Identification Card with the property reflecting as your new address.