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PaperlessCloser enable us to communicate and collaborate with our customers during the title closing process through the Internet. The Land Title Industry is making great strides in utilizing the latest in techology and improving their business environments. PaperlessCloser can achieve effective use of technology to improve communication. PaperlessCloser is tightly integrated with our software allowing for seamless and real time updating of information published on the internet with secure access to the closing process for business partners like banks, mortgage companies, realtors and service providers.


The PaperlessCloser system can be utilized to enter new orders, access status, communicate with each or all business partners in the transaction, submit documents for approval, assign and update status of tasks and to provide a 24 x 7 portal into the closing transactions. Customers can now save a new order as a template for future use in PaperlessCloser to increase their efficiency! All parties benefit by providing open access to approved parties, cutting down on phone calls, fax communications and courier fees. PaperlessCloser provides measurable and consistent improvement in communicatin during the process of closing. 

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